Conroy Fourie Coaching

Flourishing through change and transition


Change occurs the day I start a new job, or the day I'm getting married, and so on. The transition is the period of time it takes for me to adjust to my new role, relationship, routines, and new assumptions about life as a result of the change.


Often a change precedes a transition, especially when the change is unexpected, such as being retrenched or someone suddenly breaking off a personal relationship. As a result of the change event, we must navigate a transition.


A transition can also be more subtle, and precede the actual change event, such as a growing realisation that a personal or professional relationship no longer works for us. Here we begin a transition before changing the relationship's nature or breaking off the relationship, and the transition continues after the relationship fundamentally changed or ended.


Whether a transition relates to a positive event (getting married or getting a promotion) or a challenging event (a divorce or a being retrenched), we must navigate the transition skilfully - which is where coaching can play a role.